Paraíso is a beautiful, short documentary that highlights the job of high-rise window washing in Chicago.

Back in 2012-2013, the short film Paraíso made the festival rounds and won awards for ‘Best Documentary Short’ and ‘BBC Knowledge Award for Best Doc Short Film’, among others. Now the beautiful short about everyday window washers is available to all on

I work in an office high-rise with floor to ceiling windows and every-so-often, the window washers appear. I am usually too busy to really pay attention and often they frighten me as their boots suddenly slam against the window. Each time I swing my head right, give them a look of annoyance for being interrupted, and I go back to staring at my computer screen.

I have an amazing view, it really is sensational. Even though I curse my early morning hours sometimes, I cannot tell you how amazing the sunrise is. Sunrise might be the only time that I will stop what I’m doing, enjoy the quiet of the office at that time of morning, sipping my coffee and watching the sun rise into the sky. Some days, it’s the only moment of peace and quiet that I will get. I cherish those sunrises and when I do actually look out during the rest of the day, I cherish that view. So why don’t I ever thank the window washers?

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Directed by Nadav Kurtz, the 10-minute documentary follows three immigrant workers who wash the windows of Chicago’s skyscrapers. These brave individuals repel down tall windows all in an effort to give you a better view each day. How much attention do you give them? Do you ever show your appreciation? Maybe after watching this short, you will.