Kick off the colder, Autumn weather with a simple slow-cooker meal: Easy Crockpot Carnitas.

There is nothing I love more in Autumn than a good crockpot recipe and these Easy Crockpot Carnitas might be my new favorite! Let’s face it, when school starts and Autumn sets in, there’s not a lot of time to cook dinner. If you’ve got a family, you’re probably running your kid from after-school activity to after-school activity; if it’s just you and your bae, you two might have your own after-work activities like the gym and happy hours with friends; and if you’re single, well, you already know how crazy your after-work experiences can get. It’s the perfect season for an easy crockpot tacos recipe!

Easy Crockpot Carnitas

The best part is this dish can be served fresh or as leftovers for a couple days to come. All you need is a little prep time, a slow-cooker, and some tasty ingredients:

  • pork shoulder
  • garlic
  • salt
  • cumin
  • chili powder
  • black pepper
  • oregano
  • cinnamon
  • cayenne pepper
  • chipotle hot sauce
  • limes
  • orange juice
  • beer
  • salsa

Easy Crockpot Carnitas - Recipe

Have everything you need? Then hurry over to for the full recipe.