Singapore: A City Transformed – A Decade of Rapid Change

Watch the evolution of Singapore in fast forward: witness the unbelievable change over the last decade with this stunning timelapse video.

Singapore’s rapid innovation has been on full display over the past decade. For example, the construction of skyscrapers like Marina Bay Sands has drastically altered the city’s skyline. Solar panel installations and eco-friendly transportation are just two examples of the country’s dedication to sustainable living.

The rise of Singapore as a pioneer in modern advances is mainly due to the adoption of newer technologies. But, there has also been a cultural renaissance in the country. In the last ten years, there has been a surge of festivals, new art galleries, and renovation of run-down neighborhoods.

Singapore’s status as a major international hub has been supported by improved access through Changi Airport and transportation projects like the Tuas Port. The rapid transformation over the past decade indicates its commitment to leading the way in urban sustainability, technological innovation, and cultural advancement.

Watch an incredible timelapse video of Singapore over the years:

Singapore has gone through an incredible transformation over the past 8 years I’ve revisited sites around the island to capture as much of that change as possible. This project took 988 shoot days and over 3000 aligned time-lapse sequences. A film project by Director Keith Loutit & Composer Michael Adler Miltersen, 2012-2020