Let’s be honest, there is nothing more mouth-wateringly mesmerizing than a Chimney Cake baking on a spit over hot coals!

Chimney Cakes, regionally known as Kürtőskalács or Kürtös Kalács, are a specialty in the areas of Hungary, Transylvania, and Romania. These delicious treats were originally found at weddings and other festive events, but nowadays you can find them just about any day of the week.

Chimney Cakes

You don’t have to travel to try one of these cakes because they’re available in bakeries and stores all over the world! Buuuttttt if you want the true Chimney Cake experience, find a spot that will sell it to you straight off the fire spit.

Making a Chimney Cake is quite a process. First, dough is wrapped around a metal cone-shaped spit and dipped in sugar (and sometimes cinnamon). Next, the dough-wrapped spit it placed over hot coals or embers and is constantly brushed with butter as it bakes. Once the dough and sugar are caramelized, the doughnut-like pastry is done! Often, modern versions are coated in sprinkles or stuffed with fillings. No matter how the pastry is dressed up, the finished product resembles a pipe-chimney, which is how the treat got its unique name.

Chimney Cakes with Nutella Filling

Check out this great, beginner recipe from dailynewshungary.com.

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Nothing like Chimney Cake to warm your soul on a cold winter’s night