The Shape of Water’s Fish Man quits acting to focus on art in SNL’s ‘Fish Dreams.’

‘Fish Dreams’ follows the fish man from the movie The Shape of Water and stars comedian John Mulaney. Just as Fishman’s (yes, that his name) career is on the rise, he quits acting to follow his true passion: photography. The Saturday Night Live sketch is worth watching and was only cut from broadcast due to run-time issues — SNL only has so much time on air each Saturday night.

In the sketch, Fishman (actor Kyle Mooney) turns down a role in Fishfellas, a new Scorsese movie, to open a gallery for his photography work. In his absence, Roger (Mulaney), another fish man, becomes an acting success. Fishman can’t help but wonder if he made a mistake in choosing passion over fame. The sketch is dark but very funny and well worth 5 minutes of your day.

Although the sketch is based on The Shape of Water, you don’t need to know anything about the movie to enjoy ‘Fish Dreams.’ (And watch for the cameo at the end!)