The song “Strawberry Fields Forever” from The Beatles has nothing to do with fields of strawberries… so what is it all about?!

“Strawberry Fields Forever” is credited to both John Lennon and Paul McCartney but the inspiration and early drafts came solely from Lennon. It was originally recorded as part of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album but was released instead on a single with “Penny Lane”. Lennon saw this song as his one of his greatest works as a “Beatle” and it is one of the songs he is most proud of.

Strawberry Field near Liverpool, England


John Lennon did not have an ideal childhood for many reasons, including the death of his mother. He was sent to live with his aunt in a suburb of Liverpool where he discovered the nearby, girl’s orphanage named Strawberry Field. Lennon identified with the orphans and over time became obsessed with the orphanage itself. As a child, Lennon felt very much like an outsider and poured those feelings into his song lyrics.

Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane Single Release - The Beatles

Writing and Recording the Music:

While filming the movie How I Won the War in Spain, Lennon began to reflect on his childhood and a rough version of “Strawberry Fields Forever” became the result. It took several weeks to record and was some of the most intense technical and production work ever done by a popular band. The final, well-known version combines a less-orchestrated, slower take with a highly-orchestrated, faster take with varying keys. The result produced the trippy-like sound we all love today.

Promotional Video for Strawberry Fields Forever

Learn even more about the inspiration behind the music in the video below. Then continue further down to watch the official, restored, promotional video.


Watch the official, restored promotional video below (which also premiered the new mustache-look of the band):