Sparkle with Pride: Ettika Rainbow Crystal Earrings [Love the Look!]

Get ready to shine with these Ettika jewelry rainbow crystal earrings. Find out how to make them yours.

Let’s be honest: I’d love these Ettika rainbow crystal earrings, even if they weren’t a sign of pride. As a faithful ally, I use every chance I get to promote equality among all people (except serial killers and people who hurt puppies—a big middle finger to those groups!). But the truth is that I liked these earrings because they were fun and beautiful, and the color crystals sparkled. I could wear them with bright summer dresses or add a pop of color to all of my black, white, and gray clothes.

The best thing about the Ettika brand is that it’s so affordable. I’m always complimented on the pieces I wear, yet they don’t break the bank. And here’s the thing no one ever tells you: most people don’t care about the quality of your jewelry as long as it looks good. Cheap but interesting statement pieces (I’m not saying Ettika is low-quality because it’s not) can get more compliments than a regular Cartier diamond necklace. I know because it’s happened to me while standing next to someone dripping with Cartier (take that, my super-rich friends!).

The Ettika brand is founded on the fundamental element of quality, authenticity, and design. In an industry dominated by disposable, fast fashion, Ettika offers jewelry made from the finest materials at competitive price points. We create affordable accessories and uncomplicate trends so that you can focus on your best, vibrant, and confident self.


  • 18kt gold plated
  • Brass and Steel
  • CZ
  • Glass
  • 4.2″

Ready to snap up a pair for yourself? Head over to to purchase their rainbow crystal earrings today!