Imagine losing the greatest joy of your life to Alzheimer’s – Steve Goodwin shares his story.

Steve Goodwin was a very gifted man both professionally and personally. He valued his work in software development but it was his love of music composition that served as his greatest joy. Goodwin composed many songs over the years and never felt a need to write down most of them. A decision he would later regret. Goodwin had Alzheimer’s and he was losing his memory.

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It wasn’t until a family friend stepped in that Goodwin’s music started to come back to life. Working tirelessly to remember bits and pieces of his songs, Goodwin sat with his friend Naomi to recreate his compositions day after day.

Watch below as Goodwin struggles to bring his music back to life and the beautiful recordings that happened as a result.

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While Alzheimer’s may be stealing the memory of 68-year-old Steve Goodwin, he refuses to let the disease steal his music. The cruelest part of the disease was the toll it was taking on the songs he composed for his wife and could no longer remember – until a family friend and professional pianist took note with a rescue mission. Steve Hartman first reported on Goodwin’s musical reports last August, and has an update about music that’s taken a life of its own. 

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