Take some time out from the family chaos this Thanksgiving for three minutes of wild turkeys and pure peace and quiet.

By now, you could be deep in the chaos of Thanksgiving. Maybe the turkey is still frozen or maybe a politics has the family divided. We have the best of intentions when it comes to holiday gatherings; but let’s be honest, family, friends, or lack thereof can be super frustrating. You need a break! You need wild turkeys in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Wild turkey in the Great Smoky Mountains

CBS Sunday Morning videographer Scott Miller was able to capture over three minutes of turkeys running around in their natural mountain habitat. The video is 100% nature and doesn’t include any soothing music or inappropriate noise. You can escape to a place where no people roam, just free, wild turkeys. Instead of taking out your frustrations on your dear, sweet Grandma, pull up this video, plug in your earphones and take in over three minutes of turkey-themed peace and quiet.

“Sunday Morning” takes us this Thanksgiving week among wild turkeys keeping a low profile in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.