Tatsuya Tanaka Creates Artistic Miniature Dioramas!

Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka is creating the most incredible miniature dioramas – there are hundreds; check out some of my favorites!

Artist Tatsuya Tanaka must have a lot of patience. Creating these miniature dioramas requires a steady hand and serious attention to detail, and the result is nothing less than incredible.

Tanaka is known for making and photographing a single miniature diorama a day, and he’s been doing it since 2011! His dedication and hard work clearly paid off. He uses his work to populate his miniature calendar project.

He manages to give new life to ordinary things by using them in unexpected situations.

I find a lot of joy in continuing to make the miniature calendar, I haven’t thought about stopping anymore. in the early days, I created these scenes for the purposes of photographing my collection of diorama dolls, but after a while I found it interesting to express “likening one thing to another”; and now I have found my style at present.’

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