Halsey performs a stripped down version of the song “Sucker” by The Jonas brothers for a BBC Radio 1 performance.

The Jonas Brothers are back together and right now they’re everywhere! Even Halsey has jumped on the fan bandwagon by covering the song “Sucker” for a low-key BBC Radio 1 performance. In the cover, Halsey bring the tempo down and gives the song a more jazzy vibe while still keeping the structure of the original song intact.

That Time Halsey Covered Sucker by The Jonas Brothers

I’ve been a fan of Halsey for years now but, admittedly, while I knew about The Jonas Brothers back in the day, their songs weren’t on my radar. They seemed like a product of the Disney Channel and I wasn’t really interested in the whole Jonas and Hannah Montana scene. It wasn’t until the recent documentary Chasing Happiness that I realized how wrong my opinions were.

That Time Halsey Covered Sucker by The Jonas Brothers

Halsey takes everything I love about the song “Sucker” and slows it down. She does little to nothing to the arrangement of the song which is what makes the cover so special. It’s still completely recognizable but presented in a whole new way at the same time. Check it out this awesome cover for yourself:


Halsey is obviously a fan, you can catch glimpses of the singer rocking out to The Jonas Brothers’ performance on The Billboard Music Awards: