The Australian Female Voice Behind Your GPS Directions

How does one become the Australian female voice in a GPS?! Find out more about Karen Jacobsen… her voice might sound familiar!

As she puts it, Karen Jacobsen might be the only woman men will take directions from. Whether that’s true or not, people all over the world are listening to Jacobsen affirm that they ‘have reached their destination’ every day, no matter how they identify. How is this possible? Jacobsen is the Australian female voice actor available in most English-speaking GPS apps like Apple’s Siri.

Karen Jacobsen grew up in North Queensland, Australia, but moved to New York City in the 2000s to pursue her dream of becoming a professional actress. She answered an audition call for an Australian female voice, and the rest is history! If you’ve ever wondered who is behind those voices you listen to every day, check out the video below:

Meet Karen Jacobsen, a voiceover artist from Queensland Australia, who has one of the most recognisable voices in the world. As the original voice of GPS, she’s helped billions of us to reach our destination. Back in 2002, she recorded more than 50 hours of audio for the first ever GPS voice system, including 168 versions of the word “approximately”.