The Building of the Washington Monument [History Lesson]

The Washington Monument is one of the most iconic monuments in the world. Learn more about its history and how it was built.

Did you know that the Washington Monument was initially meant to have a classical temple-style building at its base? Neither did I, and I live in the DC area! I’ve been up and down that thing a million times, and still, that was a fact I somehow missed! (Or forgot… if I learned that fact on a childhood field trip, which I’m told I did.). So it seems fitting that on Presidents Day, I should take a moment to reflect on the fascinating history behind the tribute to President George Washington.

You’ll learn about the moment’s beginnings in this video from CBS Sunday Morning (the most delightful news-ish program ever!). You’ll also learn why funding was a significant problem due to a cap on how much one individual could give. And, of course, the history behind the uniquely special stones that make up the walls. Today, on President’s Day 2023, learn a bit more about the Washington Monument:

In our nation’s capital one monument stands above them all: the Washington Monument, the 555-foot-tall marble obelisk whose cornerstone was laid 175 years ago this year. Correspondent Faith Salie examines the twisty tale of the construction of this simple, straightforward spire, its changing design, and how it ended up the perfect expression of what our first president was, and still is, in the minds of the American people.