The Cost of Beauty: Dove Promotes Body Positivity in New Campaign

The Cost of Beauty is a powerful spot in Dove Beauty’s newest campaign that centers on self-esteem and eating disorders. Watch the video.

Beauty brand Dove has really stepped up its game when it comes to meaningful advertising campaigns. They are trying hard to remind everyone to love their bodies and themselves no matter the shape or size, which resonates with me and many others. In its newest marketing video, “The Cost of Beauty,” Dove shines a light on eating disorders, and the result is powerful.

Meet Mary. Mary was a beautiful child who fell victim to the dark side of social media. As a result, Mary struggles to overcome an eating disorder. The Dove Self-Esteem Project features real stories, which is why “The Cost of Beauty” doubles as a powerful public service announcement.

The video is incredibly powerful, and I wish more companies would respond to real issues like this. I commend Dove for its efforts over the years, and “The Cost of Beauty” is just another example of its commitment. Get the tissues!

(This video features themes that may be triggering for some viewers.)

New research by the Dove Self-Esteem Project found that social media is harming the mental health of 3 in 5 kids. Join us, along with Common Sense Media and Parents Together Action, in supporting legislative change to make social media safer.