You’ve heard about Shaun White, but have you heard about Kevin Pearce? The Crash Reel is the perfect companion to the 2018 Winter Olympic games.

Shaun White was always a snowboarding machine, he was used to getting first place, until Kevin Pearce came along. Before the 2010 Winter Olympics, Kevin Pearce was the favorite to win gold. Pearce was practicing for the Olympics when an accident on the half-pipe left him fighting for his life. While Pearce’s talent and rise to fame is impressive, it’s his journey after his accident that proves he has the true spirit of an athlete.

The Crash Reel starts out as a typical rise-to-fame sports story but quickly becomes an intimate journey of a family fighting back from an almost fatal trauma. You’ll start out wanting Pearce to win gold but you’ll end up being happy if he can just learn to walk again.

This documentary is the perfect companion as we watch Shaun White go for gold again in South Korea. Watch the trailer to The Crash Reel and find it online or OnDemand depending on how you can access HBO.

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