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The Decline of Pizza Hut [Food Bites]

The Decline of Pizza Hut [Food Bites]

Pizza Hut once ruled as the king of pizza chains, so what happened to this behemoth of a company?

Almost any Gen X-er (and early millennials) can tell you about Pizza Hut’s heyday. We celebrated just about everything inside a pizza hut: birthdays, winning (or losing) whatever game, successfully finishing another school year, or, of course, kicking ass in their reading program (yes, they had one!). And if you weren’t there to celebrate, maybe you were just there to enjoy time with your family or friends. It was a sit-down, casual restaurant that offered a pizza buffet at lunch, as well as fun, new options like stuffed crust. (Let me just say, the birth of the personal pan pizza changed my whole dining experience as a kid, I mean, I got my very own pizza, that I didn’t have to share… and it was deep-dish!) The question is if the restaurant was so popular and innovative, why isn’t it still the leading pizza chain today?

Pizza Hut artwork

Pizza Hut is still around and some argue that it’s still the best pizza out there, but let’s be honest, the company hit a steep decline and now you’re more likely to locate a Dominos or a Papa John’s before you can find the Hut. So what took this giant company from the top to the bottom? Watch the video below to find out!

Pizza Hut was once the world’s leading pizza chain. They’ve been losing ground over the years and this video attempts to explain why.