frozen sand sculptures

The Frozen Sand Sculptures of The Great Lakes [Photography]

Winter on Lake Michigan can produce some of the most beautiful natural art you’ve ever seen. Check out these frozen sand sculptures!

In the colder months, the most incredible sand art can sometimes be found on the banks of the Great Lakes. It’s not art created by any human; the frozen sand sculptures result from frozen sand, etched away by strong wind gusts. What remains are small sand towers made by mother nature herself.

Photographer Joshua Nowicki stumbled across these stunning frozen sand sculptures back in 2015 and began documenting the phenomenon at beaches around Lake Michigan. Recently he photographed Tiscornia Park Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan and the photos are gorgeous. Take a look for yourself:

The unearthly constructions, which look like miniature hoodoos, arise periodically during Great Lakes winters, although Nowicki says these 15-inch formations are some of the tallest he’s stumbled upon. “They do not last very long (usually only a couple of days). The wind completely erodes them or knocks them down. If the temperature goes up above freezing they crumble, and often in the winter, they soon get covered by drifting snow,” he shares.

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