All doughnuts (donuts?!) are delicious, but there can only be one… one ring(ed doughnut) to rule them all: Krispy Kreme!

There is nothing more amazing than a hot, fresh, Krispy Kreme doughnut just out of the kitchen; sure, the grocery-bought batch will do in a pinch but if you really want to understand heaven, get yourself to an actual Krispy Kreme store. Watching the doughnuts roll off the belt, piping hot and covered in glaze… man, why am I writing this post without a doughnut?!

Whether it’s your favorite doughnut or not, the brand has done very well for itself over the years but it hasn’t been without challenge.

The history of the brand is fascinating but maybe not as romantic as you might think. Vernon Rudolph didn’t slave over a hot over creating the recipe, he bought it off of another cook. He didn’t choose Winston-Salem, NC as his headquarter location because it was his hometown; he chose it because it was home to his favorite cigarette brand. Rudolph’s great grandchildren don’t run the family-company today; instead it’s been bought and sold a few times over and has been prone to scandal.

Still intrigued? Watch the video below to find out even more about one of the greatest doughnuts ever made:

Everyone seems to love Krispy Kreme doughnuts, yet they’ve still had their struggles. A quick rise in the early 2000’s was followed by a quick fall. A fall so significant, it could have easily ended the company all together. Although they’ve yet to return to their former heights, they have made an impressive recovery. This video tries to make sense of all of it.