The Lexi: First Weed-Friendly Hotel in Las Vegas

The Lexi, formerly a run-down hotel, has been transformed into the first cannabis-friendly boutique hotel in Las Vegas!

You should know, The Lexi doesn’t focus exclusively on weed culture; anyone can stay! But, it is the first Las Vegas hotel to offer an entire floor where cannabis can be consumed. If you like to smoke, eat, or vape, book a room on the fourth floor (every room is 420 + a letter!).

The separate air filtration system on the fourth floor of The Lexi leaves the remainder of the hotel’s premises unaffected, allowing other guests to comfortably enjoy their stay.

As you probably know, cannabis is legal in Las Vegas. But, because casinos are federally regulated, and most hotels are attached to casinos, many guests who consume risk legal repercussions. The Lexi is not attached to a casino and does not provide gambling opportunities. But don’t worry; the hotel is close to the Las Vegas Strip! Watch the video below to learn more:

Located just off the Strip, The Lexi was once the Artisan Hotel, which became notorious among locals as a late-night hang out that hosted sex parties. But now the 64-room, adults-only Lexi has officially become Sin City’s first weed-friendly hotel.