Amazing composite lightning photo

The Most Amazing Composite Lightning Photo!

One photographer captures a vibrant lightning storm and creates the most amazing composite image. Check it out!

Photographer and artist Uğur İkizler has created a magnificent image of several lightening streaks merged together to create an amazing composite lightning image.

On June 16th, İkizler saw a storm approaching in the distance, before the rain could reach him, the photographer turned his camera on the incredible lightning show. He took incredible shot after shot, and while each shot is impressive on it’s own, the composite lightning image is absolutely stunning!

Turkish astrophotographer Uğur İkizler often turns his lens towards the stars, galaxies, and celestial events far away from us. But although known for astrophotography, Uğur occasionally dives into capturing natural phenomena closer to us, such as lightning storms and rainbows. Recently, he offered the world a stunning image of an hour-long lightning storm, meticulously compiled into a single photograph.