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The One by Author Julia Argy [Book Review]

Step behind the glitzy scenes of a sensational dating reality show in The One by Julia Argy, where love, fame, and fierce competition collide! Read my review.

Julia Argy’s The One will not go on my list of top-rated books. In fact, I only gave it two out of five stars. Sadly, I realized too late that I was the wrong audience for this book, but I finished it anyway. Honestly, I’m not usually a fan of romance or romantic-leaning novels unless it has a clever hook. I thought the reality series angle would be enough to keep me invested, but the story never really grabbed my attention. Another reader may find this love story sweet and endearing, especially if they enjoy shows like The Bachelor or adore Hallmark movies. Read the book’s synopsis and find out more about my thoughts below.

The Plot:

Emily didn’t join the cast of The One for fame or for a relationship. She simply didn’t have anything better to do. Newly fired from her dead-end job, it doesn’t take much convincing when she’s recruited as a last-minute contestant for the popular reality dating show. Emily has been performing her entire life—for her family and friends, former boyfriends, and coworkers. How different could it be playing herself in front of cameras?

But the moment Emily arrives, it becomes clear she’s been tapped to win it all. Emily’s producer Miranda sees her as the golden generically pretty, affable, and easily molded—all the qualities of a future Wife. Emily herself is less certain. It’s easy enough to fall in love under romantic lighting and perfectly crafted dates, but it’s harder to remember what’s real and what’s designed. And as Emily’s fascination with another contestant grows, both Emily and Miranda are forced to decide what it is they really want—and what they are willing to do to get it. []

My Review:

The concept of a romantic comedy taking place behind the scenes of a hit dating show appealed to me. The main character, Emily, is out in public one day when a producer approaches her, and the next thing she knows, she’s starring in a series similar to The Bachelor called The One. She’s surrounded by other women who, unlike her, had to audition, which is only the first way she stands out amongst the other contestants. Every one of them is looking for love, fame, or both. And whether they like it or not, they’re all fighting for the same man.

Unfortunately, this book wasn’t “the one” for me (pun totally intended!). I became bored pretty quickly, and the main character never really grabbed my attention. I felt like Emily was a caricature of a real person; she seemed dull and unrealistic at best. I’ll say it again: Emily might have been an interesting character for certain readers, but I wasn’t one of them. And sadly, she was the book’s most fully realized character, in my opinion.

As always, read other people’s reviews and read up about The One for yourself, but this isn’t a book that I recommend.