The Tetris Movie Trailer (No, This is Not a Joke!)

The story of Tetris is not as simple as you might think! Watch the Apple TV+ trailer for Tetris, starring Taron Egerton, out in March.

When I first heard about the Tetris movie, I thought it was a joke. Then, when I discovered Taron Egerton was starring in it, I thought it was a joke. And again, when I watched the first half of the trailer… yes, exactly… I thought it was a joke! I’m still not convinced. But I have been assured that this Apple TV+ movie is, in fact, real. It is not a joke… I think. So, here we go.

As it turns out, the behind-the-scenes story of the video game Tetris is way more dramatic than anyone expected. One would assume a movie about a game that requires you to spin and move blocks around would be boring, but that’s not the case. Taron Egerton stars as Henk Rogers, who teams up with a software engineer in Russia to bring the world Tetris. The movie also stars Toby Jones and Rick Yune and is said to “mirror a tone similar to The Social Network.” [source] Watch the trailer:

Taron Egerton stars in a new Apple Original Film inspired by the true story of how one man risked his life to outsmart the KGB and turn Tetris into a worldwide sensation. Tetris is directed by Jon S. Baird and written by Noah Pink.