Twins Days Festival - AI Generated

There’s an Annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio!

Twinsburg has a twins festival?! Discover the Twins Days Festival in Ohio, where thousands of multiples gather yearly.

Every year, groups of twins and other multiples (triplets, etc.) congregate in a small Ohio town for a few days of fun and fellowship! What is the name of that town, you may wonder? Twinsburg. That’s correct. Learn more about the Twins Days Festival!

The History of Twins Days:

Moses and Aaron Wilcox, identical twin brothers, purchased quite a lot of land in Ohio in 1819 and contributed a piece to the town in exchange for the town being named after them. Originally called Millsville, the small town was renamed Twinsburg. The festival didn’t begin until 1976, when 37 sets of twins came together for the first time. Every August, multiples of all ages gather to celebrate their unique connection to one another.

The Activities:

Twins Days attendees can expect an elaborate parade of multiples throughout town, a talent show, information about research and scientific studies involving multiple siblings, and fun contests. Not to mention all twin-related entertainment options, such as musical acts and more.

A while back, National Geographic visited the festival to share with you a glimpse into Twinsburg’s annual Twins Days Festival: