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This Extreme Ski Run Will Leave You Inspired: Finding Fury

This Extreme Ski Run Will Leave You Inspired: Finding Fury

Sam Cohen and Michelle Parker ski the impossible in the short adventure documentary film, Finding Fury.

I love to ski, I do. But no way in hell would you ever get me to hike up Mount Fury in the snow, let alone ski down that insane incline! This is extreme skiing at its best and who better to navigate the tricky terrain than Sam Cohen and Michelle Parker. Their can-do attitude and ability to conquer a literal mountain is inspiring! You can watch their adventure in the short, Finding Fury.

Along with an expert film crew and team, Cohen and Parker do the unthinkable and hike into the base of Mount Fury, located in the Northern Cascade mountains in Washington state. Once there, the two skiers hike up the side of the mountain and ski straight back down. Just from watching them walk up that incline seemed treacherous, but then, to ski down the same incline seemed insane! I was nervous just watching the video. (Don’t worry, the good news is no one gets hurt!)

Watch Finding Fury below, not only is the short film very enjoyable but you can live vicariously through those who are a bit more skilled and maybe even more adventurous than the rest of us!

Finding Fury features Sam Cohen and Michelle Parker.

Scott presents, in association with Mountain Gazette and Red Bull, Finding Fury, an arduous journey deep into the Northern Cascade range.

Directed by Mike Rogge
Cinematography by Scott Rinckenberger
Photography by Jay Dash
Edited by Bevan Waite

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