This Holiday Season, J&B Whisky Celebrates Inclusion & Love!

This season, spread the holiday spirit to all people; celebrate inclusive love and family with J&B Whisky! Oh, grab the tissues – you’ll need them!

I can be a cynical sonofabitch sometimes, but every holiday season, there is always an advertisement that gets me right in the heart. When that happens, I need all the tissues because the snot starts running, and the tears start flowing – trust me, it’s not a pretty sight. This year that ad comes from J&B Whisky and tells the story of an older trans person learning to love who they are and find acceptance within their family. It’s so touching I’m tearing up just thinking of it.

At J&B we want everyone to be able to celebrate at Christmas, without anyone being left out. But, sadly, on these dates, many people from the LGTBIQ+ collective feel uncomfortable or rejected in their own families, and cannot celebrate with them. For this reason, we have made this Christmas story starring a grandfather and his family. In addition, we have the interpretation Ella Di Amore, a 26-year-old multidisciplinary trans artist, who gives voice and visibility to the collective. We would like this story to make us reflect, so that on these dates there can always be room at the table for acceptance, respect and, above all, celebration. There is a desire to celebrate us.

Happy holidays everyone!