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Timeline Cleanser: A Visit to Sunflower Farm [Farm Life]

Timeline Cleanser: A Visit to Sunflower Farm [Farm Life]

Take a break from your busy life and virtually travel to Sunflower Farm where you can experience a taste of the joys of farm life.

Escape to Sunflower Farm filled with adorable animals and joyful interactions all day long. It’s the perfect excuse to step away from whatever else you’re worried about and take in a day in the life of someone other than you.

Sunflower Farm Creamery goat herd feeding

Sunflower Dairy Farm and Creamery prides itself on its extremely humane practices and invites all to come see for themselves. Sunflower goats receive the best care and are treated as lovingly as a family dog would be. After watching this video, you might even be a little jealous of how these happy little goats live, I know I am! So take a break and enjoy a little down time:

Often days are very busy at the farm with large groups, yoga classes, and people coming on weekends to buy cheese and visit the goats. I thought it might may be nice for you to get a glimpse of a quiet day on the farm when often just a couple of small groups visit. On this particular day we had a small elementary school class from a remote Maine town visit to celebrate the end of school, and a group from a dentist office who all works together who also came for an hour to enjoy the goats.

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