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Timeline Cleanser: The Canadian Rockies [Nature]

Timeline Cleanser: The Canadian Rockies [Nature]

Take a quick break and virtually travel to the Canadian Rockies where it’s just you and your thoughts, alone in nature.

Sometimes, I just need a moment, you know? Between work and life frustrations, the anxiety mounts. When this happens, I need a timeline cleanser, something to remind me to just breathe or laugh or relax, even if it’s only for a few minutes. This clip of the Canadian Rockies is exactly what I need today.

Canadian Rockies in winter

The Canadian Rocky Mountains span from Alberta to British Columbia, Canada and boast some of the most breathtaking views in all of Northern America. This nature video will allow you to travel alone through the snowcapped mountain peaks and float above the rushing rivers in the valley, all without leaving your current, physical location.

If you’re currently in need of a mental break, grab your headphones (especially if you’re not alone in your space) and get close to the screen. Try to block out everything else and focus only on the imagery in front of you; listen to the sounds of nature and let yourself escape virtually.

“Sunday Morning” takes us to the cool heights of the Canadian Rockies. Videographer: James Napoli.

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