Tongue in Chic: The History of the Rolling Stones Hot Lips Logo

The Rolling Stones are iconic in every way, from their legendary albums to Mick Jagger’s characteristic dance moves. The historic rock band even has an iconic logo! The Hot Lips tongue logo has been around for decades and has instant brand recognition. Did they realize the symbol would come to represent their music for decades to come? Was the artist aware that it would become an immediate sensation? Find out more about the famous logo.

In the video below, learn how artist John Pasche came to create the most famous rock n’ roll logo of all time: The Rolling Stones’ Hot Lips.

The Rolling Stones’ ‘hot lips’ logo is everywhere. You’ll find it on t-shirts, bumper stickers, key-rings, backpacks and murals across the globe — it’s even a popular choice of tattoo. Over five decades after its big debut on The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers album, these red lips are still one of the most recognized symbols of rock and roll. But who is responsible for creating the legendary icon? This story takes us back to 1970, when an art student called John Pasche received a very important phone call. A call that would lead to the design of the most famous tongue in history…