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Top That! Scene from 1989’s “Teen Witch” [Favorite Scenes]

If you love the 1980s stereotypes and cheesy supernatural romances, Teen Witch is the movie for you! Watch my favorite scene: Top That!

I can’t begin to tell you how obsessed I was with the movie Teen Witch in the 1990s. Back then, The Disney Channel was new and reran the same content over and over again; I’m not sure at what point I discovered the supernatural movie, but once I did, I couldn’t watch it enough. I wanted to be Robyn Lively so bad. I remember dressing like the ‘cool version’ of her character, which might be why I dyed my hair red in middle school. (Fun fact: Robyn Lively is the older sister of OG Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively – apparently, they’re all beautiful people.)

If you haven’t seen Teen Witch yet, I urge you to find a streaming version of it immediately. It is everything “totally awesome” about the 1980s. The overall story is about a nerdy teen who finds out she’s secretly a witch, and of course, she becomes hot, and now she has a shot with the most popular boy in school, dreamy Brad. It’s so awful; it’s incredible. And, at the heart of it all is a brilliant lip-sync rap battle between two white suburban teens. I don’t even know how to describe its glory; you’ll just have to watch:

An otherwise boring and unpopular Louise is enamored with Brad, the star of the high-school football team, but her feelings are not reciprocated. One week before her birthday, she visits a psychic and is told she has latent, genetically predisposed witch abilities that will blossom on her sixteenth birthday. Soon she finds the information to be true and uses her powers to gain the typical teen goals: popularity, revenge on cruel teachers and other meanies, and high-school football star Brad…