SNL Skewers The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer Scandal

I like The Try Guys, but the drama over this Ned Fulmer scandal is too much! SNL laughs at the overdramatic media response in a new sketch.

Have I been following The Try Guys scandal recently? Of course. It’s pretty hard to talk about current pop culture without discussing Ned Fulmer, AKA Married Try Guy. And yeah, it’s disappointing, given that Fulmer is pretty much only known for his marriage, but isn’t the media blowing this WAY out of proportion? Up until now, I thought maybe I was crazy, but Saturday Night Live just confirmed I’m not alone in my opinion!

In case you’ve been living in a remote cave without a phone or device, The Try Guys rose to popularity back when BuzzFeed was still a thing. The four guys (Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang) got their start trying on women’s underwear. Since then, they’ve left BuzzFeed but continue to, you guessed it, “try stuff!” Now, there’s no denying they’re entertaining. It’s embarrassing to mention how many times I’ve watched a ridiculous video where they eat everything on a menu or test-drove cars while under some influence (and to be clear, those last videos were with heavy, professional supervision).

Recently, it was discovered that Ned Fulmer was having some kind of relationship with a company employee, and let’s just say sh*t hit the fan! I agree it’s very disappointing, but honestly, I don’t understand the insanely dramatic outcry. Why does the public, or media personnel, care so much? Fortunately, SNL understands! (If you watched the Try Guys’ recent scandal-response video, you know why Bowen Yang was everything in this sketch.) Watch:

A CNN broadcast is interrupted by breaking news of the Try Guys’ (Mikey Day, Bowen Yang, Andrew Dismukes) response video to Ned Fulmer.

Not everyone was a fan of SNL’s sketch, and they might have a good point! Read more here.