I love tv trailers but could we stop with the tired tag lines?!

TV trailers always get me excited for any new season of television. Because of the network television upfronts, new trailers are released daily; but along with the excitement of new content comes the same, old, tired tag lines.

I don’t know about you, but if I hear one more version of “and it’s only the beginning” or “no one ever cared enough before” I might just quit tv altogether. Okay, so we all know that won’t happen, but I am definitely less likely to watch the show.

Some of the more vomit inducing lines I’ve heard so far are:


“No one has ever cared before…” from FOX’s Proven Innocent

Proven Innocent is another show about a lawyer trying to get innocent people out of jail. It could be an excellent show and while I haven’t decided if I’ll give it a try, the “no one has ever cared before” line delivered by a potentially innocent inmate is just.too.much! Watch the trailer above and decide for yourself.

“This was just the beginning…” from NBC’s Manifest

We’ve had way too many shows that promise the premiere episode is ‘just the beginning’ only to have the rest of the season lead down a winding, convuluted, and usually uninteresting path. I’m not saying this one won’t succeed but I’m also not holding my breath. Watch the trailer above and decide if you’ll be tuning in this fall.

“If you can’t help Jenna as a doctor, just help her as a human being.”  “Am I allowed to do that?”  “You are now.” from NBC’s New Amsterdam

Enough already with the medical shows! I love a good medical drama, I still watch Grey’s Anatomy and was a huge fan of ER but between The Resident, The Good Doctor, Chicago Med, and more; there are just too.many. This trailer really lost me when a doctor asks the director if he’s allowed to treat a patient like a human being and Dr. Goodwin replies with “You are now.” Are you kidding me? Pass.  Watch the trailer above and decide if you need another sappy, medical drama in your life.

So… are you sick to your stomach yet? But at the same time, you’re kind of getting excited for the fall season, aren’t you?!