I have to start this out with a major confession, which, you’ll notice throughout many of my posts, I add two spaces between sentences when I type. I can’t help myself! Even now, I’m desperately typing two spaces and reminding myself to delete one. It’s a miserable habit that I continue to struggle with daily.

Why do I do this, you ask? Because my fourth grade teacher made some off-hand comment about how there were supposed to be two spaces between sentences when typing. I’m sure I learned a lot of good things from him, but sadly, this is the lesson I really remember and I kind of hate him for it.

When it first dawned on me (far more recently than I’d like to admit) that it was no longer acceptable to add two spaces in after periods, I became ashamed of my typing and have been trying to re-train myself ever since. I’ve been typing since I was a wee tot, it’s hard to reverse SO many years of typing one particular way – don’t judge me!!!

Fortunately, or sadly for me, it tends to be an age thing. My fourth grade teacher was pretty old at the time (dead now) and I imagine my age group contains the last few holdouts who might have been mislead in their typing skills. But you guys, I’m trying, I swear!

If you need to be shamed into one space or just want to understand the history behind this terrible practice, watch the video below:

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