“Should I have just left him there and gone home? Yes. Did I? Absolutely not.” – Elyse Myers, in regards to her date from hell

For those of us who have had to use a dating app at some point or another, you never know how those first meetups will go. To even get to that meetup, you have to match with someone and then sort through a slew of unsolicited, often inappropriate, pics (whatever your preference) and god awful one liners – it’s exhausting.

But no matter how much you scrutinize your choices, that first meetup could be a dream date, or a date from hell. Elyse Myers recently took to TikTok to recap one of those first dates from hell which resulted in buying her date 100 tacos from Taco Bell.

@elysemyers I haven’t been to a @tacobell since. #coffeetalk #theadhdway #firstdatefail #tacobell ♬ original sound – Elyse Myers

Word to the wise, as soon as that first red flag goes up, just bail. In today’s world of dating, you only need to be looking out for yourself, especially if you feel uncomfortable. But, if you don’t bail, and you end up with a story like Elyse Myers, do us all a favor and share your date from hell!