You’ve found The Underwater City… now what?!

An underwater city could be the result of many things; just imagine all of the possibilities! Did the city sink into the ocean? Was it built there in the first place? Is it the result of an alien race that made its home in the sea? Who knows… well, actually, you do!

Use all the corners of your imagination to explain the scene in the digital image above. The only rules you have to follow is to finish your story in under an hour and you must use the given image (created by reddit user V_forvalentin). You determine what voice to write in, the history behind the scene in the photo, and every other detail in your story. Don’t hold back, be as practical or as fantastical as you want.

Remember the few rules:

  • You MUST use the photo as your guide for this story but all other details are up to you!
  • You MUST finish your story within an hour – attempt to write a complete story with a beginning, middle, an end. Keep the time limit in mind when creating the boundaries of your story plot. If you can’t complete your whole idea in an hour, start editing your plot even before you write it! You can always expand on the story after the initial writing exercise is complete!

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