Unicorn Superfoods celebrate color and healthy eating through beautiful imagery on Instagram.

Unicorn Superfoods fills my Instagram feed with the most beautiful and delicious looking photos every day! If you told me a month ago that my mouth would water at the sight of blue pancakes or purple smoothies, I’d think you’re crazy. Now I’m not sure if anyone wants pink noodles as much as I do!

Visit Unicorn Superfoods at unicornsuperfoods.com

Unicorn Superfoods is an all-natural superfood powder retailer that wants to help enrich your daily diet. In addition to their fun color, the Superfood powders will help with skin care, energy, metabolism, blood pressure, and much more. Because of the brand’s passion, word is spreading quickly and Instagram is a big part of that effort.

Don’t be fooled by the radiant colors, each colored powder has significant health benefits. The Blue Spirulina powder boosts the immune system, while the Black Goji Berry powder relieves stress. Find out more about other products and the benefits of each powder at: unicornfoods.com

Unicorn Superfoods Founders
From the Founders:

We are twins from Australia who have an undeniable love for health, travel and fitness. Living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to us and has helped us in many ways! We believe that physical and mental health is vital for overall well-being and that is why we created our brand Unicorn Superfoods to encourage a holistic way of life without sacrificing our love for tasty food. We want to inspire people to make healthier lifestyle choices by adding vibrant colours and creativity to everyday recipes.