Unique Fast Food Finds from Around the World

Travel around the world to discover some of the most unique fast food finds at your favorite fast food chains!

I will happily stand up and admit that I love fast food when done right. And I’m not picky; bring on the Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or whatever other options you can think of. Whenever traveling, I like to pop into a typical fast food joint worldwide and check out what specialty items that particular country and chain offers. Trust me; there are some fantastic fast food finds around the world!

Have you ever heard of the McDonald’s Nutella Burger from Italy? Speaking of McDonald’s in Italy, what about a pocket-sized brick of parmesan cheese as your side? How about the Chizza (yep, pizza toppings on a fried chicken “crust”) at KFC in Singapore? Pork and Seaweed donuts, anyone? Yes? Well, head on over to Dunkin Donuts in China. Want to poop black for days? Check out Burger King’s All-Black Burger in Japan. Watch the video below for more information on these amazing fast food finds and many more!

Weird History Food is going global for your Fast Food needs. For better or worse, Americans tend to think of themselves as the biggest junk-food consumers in the world. While one glance down your average American main street makes it hard to argue against that idea, it turns out most of the world is just as dedicated to their mass-produced artery-cloggers as we are. And all of the big chains know it.