Get in your steps and take over your opponent’s empire with the new fitness game, Run An Empire.

For some, exercise comes easy but for others, we’d much rather sit on our asses playing video games. We need a good reason to get up off the couch and get outside or to a gym. Enter the new game: Run An Empire.

Run An Empire Fitness Game App

Empire has the same features as other fitness challenge apps, you can play against others and the more you exercise, the higher chance you have at winning the challenge. Don’t snooze for too long and you might find your empire has been claimed by another. This time, you’re not just playing for the most steps or further distance, you’re battling to build and maintain your empire. Genius!

If you’ll excuse me, an enemy is approaching and I must defend my land! (Until I return, you can find out more in the video below… I wish you the best of luck, until it’s my empire on the line, in which case, prepare for battle!)