Walk Tall in Gorgeous Platform Loafers from Jimmy Choo [Love the Look!]

These gorgeous latte platform loafers from Jimmy Choo are my newest obsession – find out to make them yours!

I’m in love! I can’t wait to get my feet in these gorgeous soft patent leather platform loafers from Jimmy Choo. They’re just my style! I am not a delicate flower or a graceful swan, so thin heels or stilettos often leave me teetering on the edge of disaster; give me a good, thick, sturdy heel any day of the week. So when I set my eyes on the Diamond Tilda 140 style, I finally understood what love at first sight might feel like. They’re not only sturdy and will boost my height (which I definitely need), but they are just beautiful to look at.

Diamond Tilda 140 Platform Loafers
Latte Soft Patent Leather Loafers with Chain Embellishment

Our Tilda loafers arrive in soft patent leather, featuring a distinct multifaceted chain; emblematic of our Diamond collection. A contemporary approach to a timeless shoe, this decidedly modern silhouette is balanced on a chunky sole and 140mm heel.

  • Patent leather
  • Multifaceted chain embellishment
  • Chunky heel and sole
  • Square toe

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