American breakfast spread

What Americans Eat for Breakfast and Why [Food History]

Tour the history of the American breakfast table from its humble beginnings to modern-day spreads. You’ll be surprised by what you learn!

Why did Americans start drinking coffee instead of tea? It has more to do with the Civil War than the Boston Tea Party, as you might expect. Is French Toast really French? When did orange juice become a breakfast staple? All of these questions and more are answered in the video below! Get a fascinating tour of breakfast history in the United States throughout the years.

Weird History Food is serving you some breakfast. When you think of American breakfast food, what comes to mind? For many, it’s likely things like cereal and milk, toast, eggs, and coffee. On weekends, there might be more elaborate dishes like French toast or pancakes accompanied by a tall glass of orange juice. When we step foot in a diner, we know what the menu will look like – to the point we might even tell the host we don’t need to see one. But what is less known is how American breakfast food came to be.