What Was Caesar’s Dying Wish?! [LOL!]

Transport yourself back in time to witness the great, last words of the great Julius Caesar. Just what was Caesar’s dying wish?

Have you ever wondered how great men would like to be remembered? Some might want huge monuments and statuses, some might implement policies that bring about lasting change, for the better. And some might want a very tasty, very popular salad named after them. How exactly did Caesar want to be remembered? Finally, we’ve uncovered Caesar’s dying wish.

Caesar finds a way his name can live on for eternity.

Caesar’s Dying Wish comes from the comedy duo known as Mid Brow:

TOM BLACKWOOD and ALEX COOPER are the award winning duo MID-BROW. Amassing over a million views online, sold out shows across the U and appearing in film festivals the world over Winner of Sketch Club’s Best New Sketch Act 2015.