When visiting the great city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, eating lunch at El Catrin, located in the historic Distillery District, is a must!

The last time I was in Toronto, I visited El Catrin Destileria for lunch. Located in the historic Distillery District, the restaurant came heavily recommended by a local – he insisted that despite its trendy location and tourist appeal, the food and atmosphere was definitely worth a trip. He wasn’t wrong.

El Catrin Outdoor Patio - Toronto, Canada

We arrived during a rain downpour and were welcomed by the hostess who quickly seated us away from the damp doorway. The staff could not have been more friendly and the decor inside made us feel welcome and relaxed. Our server took his time finding out our tastes and making specific food and drink recommendations to everyone at the table. His suggestions seemed to be based on us and not on the price; on a side note, I can’t stand being up-sold (which is why I tip based on service level and not price point).

El Catrin - Toronto, Canada

Some of the food highlights consisted of the Pastor and Baja tacos, the Atún ceviche, and, of course, the fresh guacamole. After eating off of a friend’s plate, I can also recommend the Arrachera Asada which consists of skirt steak, glazed turnips, braised chayote, and more.

El Catrin - Toronto, Canada

Sadly, my favorite dish no longer seems to be on the menu according to the restaurant’s website. As a recommendation from our server, I ordered the Love Boat (yes, that’s the actual name). The Love Boat was a dish made up of braised beef, fried plantains, and more. My mouth is watering just thinking about it – damn you El Catrin for giving and then taking away! I have yet to find a comparable match at another restaurant, but my quest continues, I will not give up on finding the perfect imitation.

El Catrin - Toronto, Canada

Regardless of whether the Love Boat is available, all of the fusion cuisine is worth your time. Paired with a modern decor and friendly service, the entire El Catrin experience will satisfy you in every way! Make your reservation online.