The next time you plan a trip to the lovely area of Milan, you might consider booking a room at The Sister Hotel.

The Sister Hotel in Milan, Italy is set to open in September 2019 and promises to be a unique and restful experience. The building was once a convent, and, under the guidance of an experienced creative team, will soon transform into a simple and elegant hotel. Each of the nine rooms offered will have their own decor and the overall hotel will feel more like a large, luxury town-home.

Where to Stay: The Sister Hotel in Milan, Italy

Tucked into a courtyard in Milan, the hotel is part of an overall project known as Six. With the addition of the hotel, the project further aims to create a timeless atmosphere which combines the original 16th century building with new and antique furnishings.

Where to Stay: The Sister Hotel in Milan, Italy

Each room is painted a dark, calm color such as dark green and relies on natural light that filters through the balcony’s french doors. The aesthetic is meant to evoke a sense of “bohemian oasis” where guests can feel relaxed and well taken care of.  Find out even more about the overall design at

The hotel won’t open until September of this year but once it does, booking a stay is sure to be an experience you won’t forget. Check out the official hotel website at