Why did Starbucks fail in Australia and what important lessons did the coffee giant learn as a result?

The truth is, I can’t go 48 hours without visiting a Starbucks. Yes, I recognize I have a problem. Yes, I know how much money I spend weekly on espresso and coffee (and sometimes, a muffin)! You don’t need to lecture me, I lecture myself regularly… unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to help. I have a problem. I will deal with it. Maybe I’ll deal by traveling to Australia where the coffee giant is failing miserably. I can’t get my Starbucks fix if there’s no Starbucks to visit.

Coffee culture is a big deal in certain countries, Australia being one of them. Instead of adapting to Australia’s coffee trends, Starbucks tried to enforce its own style of coffee culture on the country. It’s no wonder that the chain was rejected so quickly.

Find out more about how the coffee giant will use its failure to better adapt in other countries going forward: