The Big Apple Print - New York City

Why is New York City Nicknamed The Big Apple?

Have you ever stopped to think, why is NYC known as “The Big Apple?” Find out why!

Here’s the sad truth: I lived in and visited New York City more times than I can count, and never, not once, did I ever stop to question the nickname, “The Big Apple.” But, now that the nickname is celebrating its 100th anniversary, I have to know!

The Big Apple - why is this New York's nickname?

The nickname “The Big Apple” was initially printed by a horse racing reporter in 1921 and spread even further in the 1930s through the jazz music scene (there was even a popular dance trend!). The nickname was resurrected again in the 1970s for a nationwide-wide PR campaign to bring tourists and residents back to the city. The term has a long, fascinating, and storied history, and the apple itself is just as symbolic to the city as the Empire State Building.

Learn even more about “The Big Apple” from CBS This Morning:

A lot of American cities have great nicknames. But it was 100 years ago when the nation’s biggest city got its most famous one.​ Michelle Miller has the details on how “The Big Apple” came to signify New York.