If you’re not living in the eastern region of the southern hemisphere (the south-east hemisphere?) you may not be aware of the retro gem that is the band, Client Liaison.  This Australian band brings together Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan and focuses on a very specific late 80’s / early 90’s pop-synthesizer sound.

“World of Our Love” is Client Liaison’s newest hit and like many of their other songs, it will get your toes tapping as your mind drifts back to the days of Miami Vice and Magnum PI.  Using the clunky animation so many of us grew up with, this “World of Our Love” video channels the lavish, greed-is-good lifestyle of the 80’s but closely resembles a R-rated, male version of a Jem and the Holograms video (the “truly outrageous,” animated Jem – not the new, did-that-ever-get-released?, live-action version).

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Watch the video above and if you’re in Australia or planning on heading that way, check out Client Liaison’s National Tour dates on their retro website (remember Windows 3.0?!).

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