Set your timer for one hour and get ready to write a spooky tale about a Graveyard Wedding this Halloween!

This writing exercise invites you to write the spookiest or funniest story you can using the Graveyard Wedding image as your inspiration. You get a full hour for this one! Rare, I know, but it’s Halloween so I’m feeling generous. Just remember, you need to use that full hour to perfect your story.

You can write whatever genre or tone you fancy, the only tonal rule is to use the image as your guide. Which basically means, at some point, two people in wedding attire should be standing in a graveyard (or will stand in a graveyard, or have stood in a graveyard… you get the point). Otherwise, it’s all up to you.

Here’s a reminder of the rules:

  • You have one whole hour to complete your Graveyard Wedding scene or short story. Should you finish early, polish up what you wrote. If you tend to take a long time to put words down, focus on a scene rather than a full story line.
  • You must use the image above as your guide.

Are you ready? Good, then set your timer and get writing!

The image used in this writing exercise is by CG artist Iryna Kotko and you can find out more about the artist and work at