The writing prompt of One Day, One Conversation asks you to write about one conversation with a stranger. You only have 20 minutes so get writing!

Get out your timers because you only have 20 minutes for this one. Imagine that you’re stuck walking around a city for one day and you meet a total stranger who spends that day with you. As far as you know, you’ll never see the stranger again. What do you do and what do you talk about? Write about one conversation you had that day.

Maybe your (or your character) encounter is romantic, maybe it’s adventurous, maybe you’ve been kidnapped. One Day, One Conversation is not asking you to mimic movies like Before Sunrise, this can be in any style you want. Maybe this is happening in the future, maybe it’s on another planet… it’s all up to you.

Write It! One Day, One Conversation (A Writing Prompt)

There are only a few rules:

  • You can only write for 20 minutes. Get down as much as you can, if it’s worthwhile, you can always go back and turn it into something more later.
  • You must follow the scenario of One Day, One Conversation. You or your character cannot have a secret past or future with the stranger. In this exercise, you must focus on only one of the conversations had that day.

Ready? Get set! Get writing!