Pick a year that changed everything, now write the synopsis of your book [insert year], The Year That Changed Everything!

[Insert Year], The Year That Changed Everything is a writing exercise that asks you to choose a year that changed your life in one way or another. Assuming you’ve written a book about that year, write the official synopsis for that book.

When I hear of a new book that interests me, I view the summary on Goodreads and at first glance, I decide if I want to add the book to my reading list. In this writing exercise, you’ll need to write a synopsis that is both captivating, informative of the plot, but doesn’t give too much away.

Here are the rules:

  • Pick a year in history that changed either your life or the world around you. Choose a year that was politically charged on a world-wide level or a year when you suffered a personal tragedy. Choose any year you want but remember, you must be “connected” to the year in some way, otherwise why would you write a book about it?
  • Conceive the overall plot or story of your book (already written), titled [Insert Year], The Year That Everything Changed! (And just to be clear, you would actually change “[insert year]” to the year you’ve selected.)
  • Write a strong but concise summary/synopsis of your book and imagine this is the synopsis that readers will see on sites like Amazon and Goodreads as well as somewhere on the book’s cover.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!