Get along… little cowboy chipmunk?!

When I stumbled across this insanely ridiculous stock photo of a cowboy chipmunk, I had to turn it into a writing exercise….

A Chimpmunk Cowboy

Set your timer for 30 minutes and write a fictional backstory that explains the photo of the chipmunk with the cowboy hat and stick horse.  The chipmunk can talk or not, it can be a pet or live in a alternate reality where chipmunks rule the world; it’s all up to you.  The only rule is, stop writing when the 30 minute time limit is up.

Your goal is not to write the greatest story ever written, your goal is to get a fleshed-out backstory down on paper in the time allotted.  Consider that 30 minutes isn’t much time and you’ll want to set your expectations appropriately.  If you’re slow at getting your thoughts down, consider taking on a smaller backstory instead of a larger story.

Remember the rules:

  • you must use the image of the cowboy chipmunk above
  • the story must be a backstory to explain the image
  • the story must be completed in 30 minutes

Get Ready… get set… GO!!!!

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