You are obviously the wrong recipient of a very confidential email, what do you do?!

Set your timer for 45 minutes for this fun and fictional writing prompt: Wrong Recipient. Write in the first person or third person, it’s all up to you.

Imagine you’re at work, school, library, etc. (any public place will do) when you casually check your email. After scouring through junk mail, you check one from someone you know. As you read, you realize it is a confession letter and, even worse, the email is not meant for you! The details in the email drastically change the way you feel about the sender and make you feel as if you should take action against them. What do you do?

Maybe the email is criminal, maybe it’s not. Maybe the email came from a person of authority or maybe it came from someone you barely know. There are no limits on who the sender is, why you received it at all, or what the contents of the email reveal. There are also no rules on what you do next.

If you feel inspired, post your results in the comments below or send me a link to where I can read them – I always love to see what others come up with.

Remember the (few) rules:

  • You must stop writing when 45 minutes is up – target exactly what you want to write about and try to complete the full thought/scene in the allotted time. If you finish early, see if you can write more to fill the full 45 minutes.
  • You must set your character in a public place when reading the email, part of the exercise is to see how your character would respond to the email when others can see them.